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Aeria Skin's Story

It all started with a simple idea:

"Why facial treatment can't be more natural and easier?


At Aeria Skin, We embrace results, nature and balancing your body, mind and soul. As a professional women turned skincare specialist and the founder of Aeria Skin, Hung Chun Chen, was raised by her grandmother in a beautiful country side and came from a background that highly relied on herbal remedies for daily wounds, injuries, and healings.


Suffered from eczema, sensitive skin and neck and shoulder pain caused by work stress starting her 30s, suddenly her routine skin care products and beauty treatment only worsened her skin and health condition. With these symptoms relapsed on and on for around three years, she turned back to traditional Chinese medicine, the long-forgotten therapy that she had been familiar with ever since childhood. Her skin disorder and neck and shoulder pain was cured by the herbal plaster patch and traditional Chinese medicine that adjusted her body constitution with peace and balance.


Even with years working in the beauty industry, this treatment process deepened her fondness of natural and botanical application. Hung Chun realized the sheet masks in Asian market work the same way as the herbal plaster patches do. She is preparing for pregnancy but always fails to find one that she feel 100% secure to put on her skin.


Hung Chun set out to create her own line of sheet masks, inspired by the power of traditional botanical remedy but formulated with highly-effective, toxin-free, and hassle-free solution.